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Our services

Our services

IT Consultancy

A business needs to know that the systems they’re using are optimal for their organisation. Bizfront can offer IT consultancy solutions that look at everything from data analysis to IT audits, to make sure that your organisation is running the way it should, and the way that best benefits you.

We can provide the service of gathering your business requirements and provide you with a set of documentation. Through this exercise, we can also provide added value by recommending a way forward based on our knowledge and experience. The documentation provided can be used for different uses.

Centhur Solution

Centhur is our own retail multi-module software solution that combines the efficiency of a personal assistant with the make-no-mistakes capabilities of a computer system. It impeccably works and safely keeps your back in management of the business and keeping track of day-to-day transactions, stock control, purchasing, and other various aspects.

After-sale maintenance and support to Centhur is provided by BizFront upon request against applicable rate. Automatic updates are provided free of charge.

Since 2014, this solution is being widely used by numerous Maltese pharmacies, restaurants, beauty and hairdressing salons, stationaries and other retailers and wholesalers. For additional information visit www.centhur.com

Customised Solutions

Our custom application service ranges and covers all aspects of the software development life cycle.

We can provide software development service in various / different technology. Through this service we can maintain, support or enhance your current software application or else custom built your application which would cater for any of your processes and operations.

Our approach to custom application development is flexible and can be driven by the client. We provide successful solutions at fair cost!


This is a retail software solution, developed and maintained by BizFront Limited since 2009 however currently it is not being available to the new clients. This solution is a multi-location POS, inventory and resource management system targeting requirements for medium to large local retail outlets.

BizPOS makes control of the stock and administration of the business easy by display the stock quantities and movements in different locations. To maximize security and authentication, Finger Recognition technology is an integral part of this solution for employees performing a Sales Transaction to a Time and Attendance record registration. System has in-build loyalty scheme, managed using different types customer’s cards such as Magnetic Strips or RFID Cards.

BizPOS has been proven by long-term practice to be a reliable and efficient solution in control and management on many levels which are key components to a successful business.