Your Business’ Best Ally

Better Business, Faster.

Your Business’ Best Ally

Better Business, Faster.

Your Business’ Best Ally

Better Business, Faster.

Your Business’ Best Ally

Better Business, Faster.

About BizFront Limited

BizFront Limited is a local business with over fourteen years of experience in delivering bespoke business Information Technology solutions to the retail industry, resource outsourcing and consultancy in various aspects in the IT business. We combine together a wealth of business and technical expertise to deliver a wide range of Information Technology solutions.

From analysis to implementation together with our ongoing support, we make sure that running your business is easier, faster, and better with software that does all the hard work for you.

Same as every person, our company has its own history of growing and developing. We had our ups and downs but with the team of IT professionals on our side, with their knowledge, skills and dedication, the management of our company had successfully led us through all the challenges we had on our way.

In 2007 – 2014 our focus was providing the support and outsourcing IT resources to various notable Maltese agencies and private companies such as Malta Information Technology Agency, Passport Office, GO plc, Melita plc, Maltacom plc, Foster Clarks Ltd, Cherubino Ltd etc.

Yet, BizFront adapted new initiatives to its business model to include developing retail solutions that took the place of outdated pen-and-paper records. In 2009, our first software solution, called BizPOS, was introduced to the Maltese retailers aiming to help with managing multi-location stores. Till today this system being successfully used by the clients and is supported by BizFront Limited.

With introduction of new advanced IT technologies, BizFront started to create a new IT solution called Centhur, which was introduced to the local market in 2014 as a replacement of BizPOS.

With years, Centhur has grown into a complex multi-module solution that covers all sectors of the business activity and featuring stock control module, strong back office, reporting, and other important functions.

For many years we offer Centhur package to the Maltese retail and wholesale businesses and it has been proven to be successful, stable and reliable package which requires minimal after-sale maintenance.

What we are about

In today’s world, where Information Technology is the backbone of every organisation, we strive to become one of the leading firms in Malta in providing meaningful and innovative IT solutions, to our clients, through which they can improve their operations.

Our aim has always been to deliver services of hight quality because it makes us proud of what we do and who we are. For years we served our clients with joy and dedication, with attention and patience to every request and giving out nothing less but our best.

We value our clients, their needs give us an opportunity to learn and to precise our services, make it more sterling and advanced.

Our company values are professionalism, flexibility, commitment, reliability and client orientation.

About our people

BizFront Limited has always been trying to onboard motivated and dedicated IT professionals. This way we managed to keep a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable resources who can provide Information Technology services of various range and of different levels of complexity.

The members of our IT team have been involved in nation wide projects in various business sectors. Yet, we welcome young and motivated individuals who dream to become professionals in Information Technology, to join our team of software developers. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with people who are building their career in Information Technology business.

Our administration team has been our rear end we can reply on. The contribution of our administration team in earning trust and support with our clients and suppliers cannot be underestimated.

About our partner Abaco spa, Italy

In February 2014 we had signed out first service Agreement with Italian company Abaco Spa with whom, throughout the years, we bult long-lasting and fruitful relationship which is still going with several long-term tasks and projects.

Abaco Group is Europe’s leading player in software solutions for land resource management and control with primary focus on precision agriculture and environmental sustainability.  For three decades, Abaco has been developing land management software with innovation as part of its DNA. In June 2019 ABACO became a subsidiary of Taste of Italy, an Italian fund specialising in the food production industry managed by DeA Capital Alternative Funds SGR.

Since 2007, Abaco was providing a numerous services and support to the Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change of the Government of Malta (ARPA).  To date, BizFront Limited is the local maintenance and support provider to the Ministry together and on-behalf of Abaco.  Together with Abaco Development Team, local resources perform project management, business analyses, development, testing and day to day support.

In 2013 Abaco Group became strategic partner of the British Government’s Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and ever since Abaco is acting on behalf of Defra’s executive agencies (the Rural Payments Agency (RPA), Natural England (NE) and the Forestry Commission (FC)) to support replacing their IT Systems.  In the beginning, Abaco was supporting England in the implementation of its European Union (EU) Common Agricultural Policy (CAP 2014 – 2020), as of 2020, the target was shifted in the implementation of its internal Agriculture and Environment Policies. From the initial phases of this partnership, BizFront Limited had its resources as part of Abaco Team dedicated to this British project.