BizFront Centhur
Save time! Review all your Sales, Company Expenditure, Profit, VAT and more in one single page
Fast Sales
The POS offers all the attributes you are going to need to make those quick sales that get you out of a jam
Control Stock with Ease
Managing stock has never been easier! With multiple products entry and amending, managing stock will be a breeze
User Friendly Experience
With a consistent layout, Centhur provides an easy and enjoyable experience to any user
Centhur Price
With all of the features mentioned below, Centhur's pricing starts at as little as €595

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BizFront Limited

BizFront Limited is a global Information Technology outsourcing company, established in 2007. We combine together a wealth of business and technical expertise to deliver a wide range of information technology solutions.

Our company values are professionalism, flexibility, commitment, reliability and client orientation.

In today’s world, where Information Technology is the backbone of every organization, we strive to become leaders in providing meaningful and innovative information technology solutions to our clients.

At BizFront we offer the powerful system Centhur. A system which is perfect for retail stores, just like yours!